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    **Above pictures are, “a childrens view from Gaza” art work created by children from Gaza depicting the 2012 war

    A children’s view from Gaza, is an exhibition of children’s art that reflects the horrors adults and children living in the Gaza Strip. The exhibition travels the world since 2012 and has been LONG LIVE PALESTINE!

    [Show & Info Drop]

    Check out our newest show with independent journalist Noor Harazeen from Gaza on the current attacks by Israeli occupying forces, plus other Palestinian solidarity related news. 

    This show along with all past shows can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/on-resistance/long-live-palestine

    If you’re in the LA area you can listen to the show live on 90.7 KPFK @1:30pm on Sunday, July 20

    A day after our interview,”Here is our office ! The Israeli warplanes targeted an apartment in Al-Jawhara building and our media agency is located just next to it .. I thought we journalists were protected ! NOT if you are a Palestinian journalist”




    "When I last spoke to Noor the number of Palestinians that were murdered was 220, now with ground troops and tanks the numbers have increased to …..  electricity was only available for 8 hours now they have no electricity the We talked about the idea of numbers, there becomes a time when you become desensitize to it all, shoot I’ve even heard people say when Israel first started bombing Gaza, well isn’t Israel always bombing gaza what else is new. Sure, from our cozy beds on our computers it seems like nothing new, we scroll through pictures of dead bodies and broken limbs on our newsfeed and wonder if those who posted it are in poor taste or not, type our anger statuses or rants like the one I’m typing now but still, we sit here under our fascist regime and we do nothing. Even with all our anger and sadness and fury we sit here and do nothing. The goal of Israel has been made clear, in the words of Israels MP, “they want all the Palestinian mother’s to be killed so there can be no more”.  So the question will we allow for this to continue to happen? Our government (whether you pledge allegiance to them or not, everytime you buy something you pay a sales tax) gives this fascist regime 3.6 billion dollars a year so that Israel can test out all of their experimental weapons. France banned Pro-Palestine protest, and the people responded by rioting in the streets. The US government senators voting UNAMNIOUSLY in favor of Israel, what are we going to do to show solidarity? Are we going to be scared to take a street? Break a window? Shut down intersections? There is no pleading with power, we can only to demand it. 

    Solidarity is a verb, and I apologize for our inaction, which has allowed for us to be complicit in your murder.” - Bobby London

    "This rhetoric of “both sides” implies that pain and fault belong equally to Palestinians and Israelis. It erases manifold, unmistakable, qualitative and quantitative differences at play in Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip and the political-historical context in which this is taking place — most centrally, that what is occurring is part of a settler-colonial invasion.

    “Both sides” rhetoric refuses to make even the easiest, most obvious judgment, to which any honest evaluation of the information points: that Israel is massacring Palestinian adults and children, 77% of whom are civilians, and subjecting them to collective punishment; that Israel evidently claims for itself a right to extra-judicially execute anyone who it says is a Hamas member, a practice too few among even Palestine’s allies have denounced; that Israel is bombarding what is essentially a giant refugee camp home to an imprisoned population of a people Israel has ethnically cleansed, occupied, subjected to apartheid, and repeatedly slaughtered; that international law does not grant Israel a “right to defend itself” against the Gaza Strip. And that international law does grant Palestinians a right to resist using armed struggle.”

    A Plague on One House


    Obama Humiliates Muslim Guests at White House Ramadan Event, Endorses Israel’s Gaza

    Assault and NSA Surveillance


    CNN removes reporter Diana Magnay from Israel­Gaza after calling Israelis celebrating the death of Palestinian civilians ‘scum’


    A children’s view from gaza


    Health crisis looms in Gaza after Israel bombs water infrastructure


    Mark Gonzales ­- Gaza


    "War is cruel, it distorts the human characteristics within us, no matter our ability to withstand. Before anyone thinks about the restoration and reconstruction of Gaza after the war, they must think seriously about the way to restore the lives of the people of Gaza, and sew up the holes within them,because what Israel ultimately aims to do is kill us, or at least demolish our spirit and ability to live."

    Todos somos gaza


    The Palestinian Authority stands in the way of the Palestinian struggle

    "The PA has long been criticized for being counterproductive to the Palestinian struggle. Concerns range from financial corruption to security collaboration with Israel. The PA has been rightly accused of being a proxy for the Israeli occupation in so­called Areas A and B of the occupied West Bank.These are the areas designated under the 1993 Oslo accords, comprising about a third of the West Bank, where PA forces keep order and calm on behalf of the occupation."


    " We need to acknowledge this privilege that allows us to measure and manage our risk, to avoid action, response and consequence. To allow only impacted people targeted by state terror to experience it- as most separate ourselves for more ‘reasonable’ and ‘appealing’ courses of action/inaction. Ultimatelt avoiding managing distorting or erasing conflict rather than facing it. This isnt true of all of our people, because there is genocide and degrees of imprisonment on amerikan streets. But most people know that the closer you get to effectively challenging the narrative/supporting the resistance…the oppression and the eyes of the state apparatus (which has networks beyond borders for they are the only institution worthy to market such relationships) will train on YOU. Everyone knows this, and it is accepted and tolerated. #repression and #collectivepunishment from #gaza to #egypt and the world over, by all illegitimate governmental institutions against the people who attempt to self determine their own conditions. Colonialism has to be maintained through force, and even if we say otherwise, we accept this. Because the colonizers actions (and the state) carry legitimacy, and we are mostly people who have resigned our power. Though we may agitate desperately to remind ourselves that this doesnt have to be the case and it isnt inevitable or absolute. The Palestinians and all affected by this military regime and all the regimes set up to serve this countries interests such as Israel, will continue to suffer because of our own and amerikas self preservation."

    Free Palestine


    Counter Insurgency:


    Counter Insurgency in the US:


    Today in Gaza – no electricity, no water, no respite


    Gaza: Israel’s $4 billion gas grab


    War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields



    http://www.af3irm.org/af3irm/2014/07/af3irm­speaks­out­against­border­brutalities­women- seek­to­tear­down­walls­from­palestine­to­the­us­and­mexico/

    “We oppose the Zionist­Eurocentric foundation of the State of Israel that claims a racist, exclusionary, and privileged Jewish identity and discriminates citizenship and land title rights on the basis of race. Instead, we support the creation of a free, independent, anti­oppressive, and democratic society within historic Palestine. This includes the right to return of Palestinian refugees and global freedom of movement into Palestine for those who desire it. We believe that the right to mobility, which is primarily the reality for millions of poor and racialized migrants who are indigenous to the global South, is distinct from capitalist settler­colonialism that destroys or assimilates existing societies and justifies theft of land and resources for the benefit of a privileged group.

    Given the Israeli government and its imperialist allies’ monopoly over state violence, we believe it is necessary to support the right to Palestinian armed resistance, which has even been affirmed by the imperialist international legal regime. We reject the false dichotomy of violent and non­violent resistance, a Eurocentric construct that serves to divide, simplify, and decontextualize diverse movements.”

    NOII­Van Basis of Unity on Palestine


    A poem by a Palestinian girl


    Detroit rallies largest turnout for Palestine in years


    The Palestinian struggle is a black struggle


    The long history of Black ­Palestinian solidarity


    LAPD relationship with Israel


    DHS open fire on Palestine solidarity activist




    Egypt blocks aid convoy from entering Gaza

    http://english.al­akhbar.com/content/egypt­blocks­aid­convoy­entering­gaza utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+AlAkhbarEnglish+(Al+Akhbar+English)

    if you’re going to protest an embassy…Turkish protestors raise Palestinian flag on israel consulate 


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    FIRSTLY- Friday July4 was a really important day and a strong convergence of indigenous, undocumented and anti - colonialist anti- fascist action on #farceofjuly against the reactionary racists holding down Murrieta. The Danzas called upon a strong spirit to hold that space and i think that is what moved a lot of the rightwingers down the road (though they were worried the bus would come in from the other direction). 

    It’s important we got out there and got more information on what the conspiracy is between the police, border patrol and the anti immigrant protesters (as if they are any different). After going down the street to take pictures of the right wing reactionaries, a right winger punched someone who was with us. The police intervened and began to use excessive force on the people targeted by the right-wing. As we tried to leave the area, more police arrived and began brutalizing our group instead of holding accountable the right wingers (big surprise here..). We were assaulted by police, then charged with assault and Lynching. One comrade was arrested and charged with a felony, even though they were far from the conflict but were filming the brutality and excessive force of the police. His phone was confiscated. It appears we will be facing multiple felonies, if anyone in the So Cal areas knows of any legal support help or suggestions please email me at artofexisting@gmail.com. 

    The Police confiscated two of our phones and are holding them as evidence pending a search warrant. This is seriously troubling because there is a strong likelihood that the Murrieta Police are involved indirectly or directly in the anti immigration protests. They don’t consider themselves representatives of the federal government, but first of Murrieta as a private city. (is what they told us) At least two of the officers spoke of going to the protest after their shift. They were watching videos of the rally on their shift and chanting USA USA. One of the border patrol agents was there throughout the processing. The Border Patrol and Murrieta PD are not fit to provide protective custody to these displaced children! MAD SOLIDARITY TO ALL THOSE ORGANIZING AGAINST THESE RACISTS.  Let’s keep the focus on borders, displacement and refugees detained by the federal government and processed in extremely hostile areas like Murrieta!

    Inland Empire organizers have called for a National Day of Action to call for 
    peace, respect, and compassion for unaccompanied minors. There is a PEACE VIGIL in Murrieta, CA on Wednesday to refocus the events on creating safe(r) spaces for undocumented displaced peoples and migrant children refugees. Information can be found at the attached event: We Don’t Have a Border Issue, We Have a Humanitarian Issue: Vigil In Support of Refugee Children and their Families https://www.facebook.com/events/1513890132160647/?ref=22. 

    Please share and help! If it’s an ‘immigration crisis’ it’s also an IMPERIALIST crisis and we have to do what we can to support people who are impacted and displaced by Amerikan aktions indirectly through policies and directly through US intervention, military occupation, or destabalization of other countries and economies. Fight Fascism! Support the Undocumented! Donate here: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/m305/unaccompanied-children-and-migrant-families-refugees

    If you cannot attend or donate, please follow the events and share on the ground reports and resistance news if you can, as well as help organize solidarity actions wherever you are.

    Please NOTE that Murrieta is an extremely hostile and racist run city, there were minutemen armed with knives there in peoples faces threatening and organizing to bring reinforcements. There is a history of neo-nazi white supremacist organizing in the Inland Empire area. It is not recommended that you go there by yourselves, but that we move together in a more organized fashion.

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    Sunday June 1st at 1:30pm on KPFK 90.7fm Los Angeles.

    Listen in for a casual conversation on anti-capitalism, particularly fighting the value system we’ve learned and reproduce under the capitalist system.

    Listen live @1:30pm: http://www.kpfk.org/index.php/listen-live 
    Visit our soundcloud for the full hour show and to hear past discussions:

    "Capitalism would have us believe that we only deserve to be here because of what we produce, and even in our counter-cultures, even in our movements we reproduce the same idea. We only deserve to be here because of what we can produce that other people will buy with their money, time or attention. Our experience of our own lives is secondary, it is only the means of production, it is the products that matter, and unless we make ourselves into both factories and widgets we are not valuable." Alexis Pauline Gumb

    After McDonalds Strikes Corporations Eye Replacing Workers with Robots

    Is Raising the Minimum Wage Good or Bad?
    Usually most of what I write involves some abstract criticism or perhaps a more intense elaboration on a concept ‘not-so-familiar’ to the everyday person. However, with all the news surrounding recent efforts (by governmental agencies and leftist groups) to raise the minimum wage it becomes important to flesh out a few very simple points in regard to this issue. Would raising the minimum wage hurt or help the working class? What about inflation? What about unemployment/underemployment? Is this a radical/revolutionary struggle? Where do socialists/communists have a role in this struggle? Let’s begin very simply by addressing some of the myths and fears being propagated by the right-wing media machine.”

    Anti Capitalism and Environmentalism as Political Alternative
    "Indeed, we cannot analyse the global ecological crisis separately from the crisis in which we are immersed or the critique of the economic model that has led us into it. It is also necessary to reject outright the logic of profit maximization of the capitalist system and the productivist orientation which takes no account of the limits of planet Earth."

    Solidarity not Charity: the Case for Mutual Aid

    How Anarchists End Up Working In Charities: a Constructive Subversives Guide to Organisational Change
    I think there’s an alternative. I call it ‘constructive subversion.’ It lies in our ability to ‘hack’ these hierarchical reformist organisations we spend our days in, weaving networks of subversion to undermine the bureaucracy, and ‘prefiguring’ radical pockets (creating microcosms of wider change) within and around the existing structures. In other words, we bring our wider politics into our workplaces and create spaces and relationships that can operate beyond organisational control.

    The Flatbush Rebellion: On Capitalism and Uprisings Against Police
    "We live in an economic system called capitalism. The situation of young people today is not an accident, but something that’s an inherent part of our society: it happens on purpose. In our society, everyone is caught between unemployment and shitty employment. When we’re unemployed, we have some free time but risk starvation. When we’re employed, we earn a little money but have to sell ourselves to a boss for hours on end. This rat race is what keeps the system moving. The system demands that everyone must work at exhausting jobs and make profits for others, or be searching for work, desperate and poor.

    The Flatbush Rebellion

    Infoshop: What are the Myths of Capitalist Economics?

    Human Scale Development: Conception, Application and Further Reflection

    “Capitalism: a cold and dreary system which represents our fellow creatures as so many rivals and enemies which makes us believe that their happiness is incompatible with our own, which builds our wealth upon their poverty, which would persuade us to look on the world in the light of a besieged town where the death of our neighbors is hailed with secret satisfaction.” — anonymous graffiti and definition found in london 1821

    Anarchy & Polyamory: 


    Accomplices Not Allies

    “The ally industrial complex has been established by activists whose careers depend on the “issues” they work to address. These nonprofit capitalists advance their careers off the struggles they ostensibly support. They often work in the guise of “grassroots” or “community-based” and are not necessarily tied to any organization. They build organizational or individual capacity and power, establishing themselves comfortably among the top ranks in their hierarchy of oppression as they strive to become the ally “champions” of the most oppressed. While the exploitation of solidarity and support is nothing new, the commodification and exploitation of allyship is a growing trend in the activism industry.”

    A Marxist View of the State and Reproduction of Capitalism

    4 Things About Working for Social Change I Wish I Knew Before Graduation
    “The ritual of choosing a major or an area of study, and choosing this as your identity (“So, what’s your major?”), like choosing a college, masks historical and systemic forces that are preventing change. You couldn’t major in “Practically Dismantling Capitalism”. […] Academia is set up in part to buffer theories of change from actual change. If it wasn’t, there would be no myth of meritocracy, plus no such thing as legacy admissions, honors majors, secret societies, or even admissions offices. But even just academic study itself is suspect: a few years ago, when I was graduating, I had lunch with one of my beloved comp. lit professors. I asked him what he thought about being an academic. He said, “Eli, you can tell that reading Foucault is not actually subversive because no one in power cares if you read it.” I don’t think he was saying that we shouldn’t read Foucault or other authors who write theories about power and oppression — he was saying that if I wanted to make change, I shouldn’t look to academia. Because the theories on their own, in a context of individualism, competition, and class-based inequality (i.e. college) do nothing.”

    NGOization: Depoliticizing Activism in Canada
    “What NGOization precludes and inhibits is movement-building. Centralized control allows for an efficient mobilization of existing capacity, but it doesn’t provide the opportunities for masses of people to have new experiences, build their own ideas, do their own research, or start their own initiatives. It doesn’t provide the possibility of large numbers of people to decide, together, where to focus their energies or when to divide them. ”

    The Sharing Economy, Gender and Why Individualistic Solutions Won’t Disrupt Neoliberalism

    “Recognizing capitalism’s fundamental limitations and inequalities, I have no illusions that individual financial success (which I have never experienced) is a substitute for real freedom because I am not merely concerned about what I possess. Of course I want to be able to pay my bills, but I also want too live in a wold where no one and nothing suffers because of violence, exploitation, and poverty. I cannot really be free if I live in a context where wrong is being carried out in my name, and as a U.S. citizen, the government’s inhumane domestic and foreign policies constantly place me in the undesired position, unless I counter them by speaking out and fighting back. The financial success of a few, even if they are members of racially or sexually oppressed groups, is not justice, but merely privilege.”
    — Barbara Smith, “Doing it from Scratch: The Challenge of Black Lesbian Organizing,” from The Truth that Never Hurts , 170

    New show!

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  4. antidelusions:

    Los Angeles. May 30th. Including 5pm Discussion on city wide anti gentrification front. TODAY.

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  5. Community Members Disrupt Plans to Tour Boyle Heights

    Boyle Heights, CA

    Adaptive Realty, a real estate group set to gentrify Boyle Heights, is reeling from the backlash after their flyer calling gentrifiers (and displacement) to the community received outrage from long term residents and critics of continued colonization.

    What will become a “public relations” learning experience for other financial interests, real estaters, and lobbyists for re/development who will make sure their efforts are much more subtle just might turn out to be the spark the city of Los Angeles doesn’t want to increase solidarity in city-wide anti-gentrification efforts.

    The bike tour was cancelled. Gentrification, however, is always on the agenda. Less Damage Control, More Damage to Systemic Control

    Boyle Heights Real Estate Flier Stokes Gentrification Fears

  6. 'Organizers' Pacify Response to Police Brutality, Negotiating with Police and Harassing FTP Participants in Salinas, CA

    Seems like the reason why organizers didn’t want people to display angry or militant signs is because they’re being led by people like Lulac or UFW, who have ties to politicians, who have ties to the Salinas Pig Dept. And so they are trying to silence the community and pacify their response to police brutality. I was there and I witnessed how in-your-face and unwelcoming some of these organizers were, especially to outsiders coming to show support. What they fail to understand is that police brutality is a big issue, and although the march was in support to Salas, it was also to protest something much bigger, not as an isolated incident, but as a phenomenon plaguing our communities. I mean, look at Albuquerque – it’s currently going through similar shit, at a much bigger scale, just like NY does, Watson, DC, Seattle does. So although it shouldn’t be a point to diminish people genuinely trying to organize in Salas, it should spark some conversation about controlling peoples’ reactions to tragedies, but more importantly, who is trying to control these reactions and why.”

    On Peace Police and Counter-Insurgency in Salinas, CA

    The Other Side of the Coin: Counter Insurgency and Community Policing
    This essay outlines the current counterinsurgency model, with an emphasis on its domestic application in the United States. It shows that many contemporary counterinsurgency practices were developed by police agencies inside the U.S., and illustrates the transfer of theory, strategy, and technique from domestic police to the military – and back. The essay also examines the state’s use of non- governmental or nonprofit agencies, as one element of counterinsurgency strategy, to channel and control political opposition. The conclusion briefly considers the strategic implications for social movements, especially as we learn to recognize and respond to political repression.”

    Police Brutality and Counter Insurgency in Salinas, CA

    March Against Police Harassment Livestream Footage documenting harssment of people for signs that ‘violated’ the rules of the protest.

    "Tensions are high in Salinas, an overwhelmingly Latino community on the central coast of California with a large number of farmworkers, where a demonstration was held on Sunday, May 25. Organizers reframed the ‘March Against Salinas Police Brutality‘ into a ‘March for Respect, Dignity and Justice,’ and worked extremely hard trying to control the entire messaging. For example, a woman living in Prunedale arrived at the pre-march rally in Closter Park in Alisal (East Salinas) with a small cardboard sign reading, “#FTP.” She was quickly approached by yellow-vested organizers and told she was not allowed to display her modest sign because it was not inline with the message and guidelines desired by the organizers.” 

    Anti Police Brutality Signs Not Allowed at Salinas March Against Police Brutality http://bradleyallen.net/2014/05/salinas-march-police-brutality/


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    Apolitical is not a thing in terms of being able to remove yourself from responsibility or choosing to not participate or identify within what has been labeled politics.

    Like you can’t remove yourself from the power dynamics of our society and it’s constructed relations between each other. You…

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    CLICK TO LISTEN to our full hour discussion Sunday April 13th @ 1:30pm on Militarization: Domestic & Abroad here on: https://soundcloud.com/on-resistance/militarization



    FBI bulletin about sovereign citizen extremists interrupting police stops


    Los Angeles panel to gauge concern over LAPD surveillance programs


    US hires Israeli company to retrofit Mexico border wall


    Jerry Brown, Israeli leader Netanyahu pledge greater cooperationhttp://english.al-akhbar.com/content/us-hires-israeli-company-retrofit-mexico-border-wall

    LAPD goes to Israel, falls in love with drones and mass surveillance


    LAPD scopes out Israeli drones, ‘big data’ solutions | Los Angeles


    WeAreChangeLA questions LAPD Chief William Bratton about Bin Laden, Black Ops and Israeli Intelligence


    Dismantling the Myth of Bill Bratton’s LAPD


    The Anarchist Case against the Domain Awareness Center : Indybay


    Urban Shield, SWAT, and the Domain Awareness Center | FireWorks


    LAPD says every car in Los Angeles is part of an ongoing criminal investigation


    Tomorrow is Today: An Interactive Map of Domestic Drones in the United States


    U.S. Currently Fighting 74 Different Wars … That It Will Publicly Admit | INTELLIHUB


    TRIGGER WARNING: police brutality from chalkwalk


    Bringing the argument home about domestic spying | l.a. activist




    LAPD training exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvMkG3_ocaQ and description: http://antidelusions.tumblr.com/post/52425177051/los-angeles-ca-gunfire-echoed-through-downtown

    FTP - Combating the Police State info drop - books, zines, documentaries, resources: 


    The Police and the Occupy Movement » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


    How Prisons Change the Balance of Power in America http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/10/how-prisons-change-the-balance-of-power-in-america/280341/

    How can one expect the state to solve the problem of violence against women, when it constantly recapitulates its own history of colonialism, racism, and war? How can we ask the state to intervene when, in fact, its armed forces have always practiced sexual and intimate violence against women as a central military tactic of war and domination.”
    — Angela Davis, ‘The Color of Violence Against Women’

    "We’re learning a lot about this thing called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This war time disease. This combat fatigue diagnosis. And we read something worth sharing. Fact, urban youth are twice as likely to get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than soldiers who are coming home from war. So tell me, what’s the difference between homicide in the streets and bloodshed on the battlefields of Iraq. […] The only difference there is between a soldier with PTSD and one of my students with it is that a soldier gets to leave the battlefield, while my kids go home to it."


    Javon Johnson - “cuz he’s black” (NPS 2013)


    "LAPD establishing the pretext for LAPD violence. Note how one person in a crosswalk after the light changes, or people standing in the parking lot of a commercial establishment (private property—even if it is open to the public), is enough to justify the “rules”. Not to mention LAPD track record for putting its own provocateurs and agents into a crowd to foment unrest. If one person “breaks” the rules, that’s enough to declare a demonstration unlawful. There’s a word for that: collective punishment. And it’s a violation of the Geneva Convention of Human Rights. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!— Emma Rosenthal

    "Councilman Jumaane Williams has claimed the rebellions were caused by people who did not live in Flatbush, and many reporters and others have followed his lead. By “outsiders,” he also means white people. Everyone knows this is bullshit. Jumaane Williams is implying that the young black militants in Flatbush were either controlled by whites and outsiders, or that they did not care enough about Kimani Gray to fight the police on their own. We know both are lies.

    Williams’ lie is important for two reasons. First, it proves what role Williams played during the rebellion. He didn’t try to help the rebellion defeat the cops. He tried to defeat and contain the rebellion. He wanted to make sure that whites, Asians, Latinas and Blacks did not fi ght the police together. That might have led to a historic defeat of the NYPD in East Flatbush. It would have proven what we know to be true: when they unite, oppressed people can defeat the police.” The Flatbush Rebellion zine

    US MILITARY planning on testing weaponry on this island


    “…[W]e seek to go as far beyond the myth of the FBI as a crime-fighting agency as is possible, given the information available to us. We posit that Hooverian propaganda [the narrative that the FBI was or is anything but a self-glorified political policing agency] was never so much an overstatement of the Bureau’s gang-busting exploits, or even a pure fabrication, as much as it was a deliberate and sophisticated ruse, a calculated and intentional diversion of public attention away from the FBI’s real purpose from the first day of its existence. Specifically, we argue that the Bureau was founded, maintained and steadily expanded as a mechanism to forestall, curtail and repress the expression of political diversity within the United States. Viewed as an essential component of enforcing the socio-political status quo, the Bureau’s receipt of unwavering governmental support regardless of its “abuses,” even at the moment when it was conclusively demonstrated to have so far exceeded its authority as to have temporarily threatened the stability of the status quo itself, begins to make the most fundamental kind of sense.”

    — Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall | Agents of Repression: The FBI’s Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement (1988)

    WikiLeaks: Obama Administration Pressured Haiti’s President To Lower Minimum Wage After


    TRIGGER WARNING: Photos Show Detainees Sodomized and Raped- Torture Continues During Obama Presidency



    How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware | FireWorks



  10. Media Coverage/Creation, Resistance, and Criminalization

    1. The media and their mainstream outlets very rarely print anything that would challenge their corporate for-profit bottom line.

    2. When talking to the media they usually appropriate words you use and twist the message. Most writers and media outlets have a particular angle they want to take regarding an issue or article, either to advance an agenda appease their editor or because they think that it will garner the most readers.

    3. Readers, audience, etc are all treated like consumers. “the message” is also treated like something up for consumption, which means it usually can’t contain the gritty details, the impact, and the power mechanisms at play. This is because power needs to be preserved so that people continue consuming media as spectacle- so they stay distant and reinforce the disconnect between the immediate experience of oppressed people and “viewers” or readers. To some extent the media, like the nonprofits, are the mediators of our oppression. They frame and contain our movements, keeping us within the paradigms of power so that no structural change is possible. Because structural change is not marketable for profit-makers, though it’s necessary for the collective survival of our poor communities. 

    4. The media usually does not get involved unless there is some sort of controversy. To those who care about maintaining the status quo- subordination, marginalization, and power relations are not controversial, they are just good business. If the police or the politicians are creating legislation, the media is more likely to get involved because they want to cover the agenda of those in power. The people these policies affect is considered opinion, and therefore less valuable or credible than those creating the policy- who are trusted because of their positions and ‘qualifications’ (read: privilege and access, the resume). The narrative favors those who create our conditions, rather than those who experience them directly (as oppression).

    5. The media loves to referee a good fight because conflict in a particular light is marketable. They tend to cover protests in a particular format, especially when the police intervene to suppress protests that try to escape symbolism and enact offensive actions against commerce, profit, and paradigms of power.  When the police escalate, the protesters behavior is usually scrutinized while the media panders to a very polarizing narrative that usually blames the people for police escalation thus justifying state violence.  If the media even chose to include them in the first place, the social and economic factors that outrage our people and cause resistance (or refusal to disperse) are no longer mentioned as the media focuses on the conflict or ‘riot’. Always careful not to term it resistance or uprising. The initiating factors of these conflicts, which are usually police escalation and repression, are ignored in favor of focusing on the tactics of oppressed communities further demonizing their position. Similar to policy makers, the police narrative is usually immediately trusted and run as ‘news’ despite the terror caused by police. The media, like the police, operate together to protect property and criminalize people.

    6. Corporate mainstream media will come to you for a story. Sometimes they will ask for people to contact, for leaders, for the message you want to convey. They may also respond to press releases or try to present the issue at hand as fairly as possible to both sides. They pretend neutrality, when in cases of oppression, neutrality isn’t possible. But “keeping the peace” and preserving the politics of containing struggle (rather than authentically documenting it) very much is. This exchange encourages and pushes political managers and media liaisons to frame their struggle in a certain light, appealing to the media or usually appealing to the moral ‘integrity’ (read: passivity) of the middle class, whose comfort always has to be catered to as a bottom line. This bottom line erases the conflict of our people and causes us to pretend our conditions, and the responses of our community, are not as drastic as they are. It causes our movements to be wrapped up in a politics of respectability and appearances, of erasure and management, rather than recognizing the violent symptoms and reality of our current system. These ideas rely on the media to reach the public and garner ‘support’ while determining actions then becomes about whether the illusive mass will be ‘alienated’ by our actions, effective or not.

    7. To certain groups and autonomous individuals who do not believe in waiting or gaining mass approval to aspire to insurrection (immediate conflict in the streets, either with people or property, usually by refusing to disperse). Who do not negate property damage. Who do not negate conflict with the police, political managers and society as it stands, the media very often plays the role of the enemy. Instead people wish to go straight to the source, to take streets and outreach to the people in the streets themselves. This is because the media at the very least manages the narrative, and usually does more than the police could dream of in terms of criminalizing resistors who do not take a for-profit, appealing to the media, pleading and passive stance in regards to their struggle.

    8. Some groups and actions are not meant to include or be included by the media. Not only do protesters not want their faces or names shared with a growing surveillance apparatus, but more and more the cost of coverage outweighs the elusive ‘benefits’ of appealing to indifferent masses. Actions taken are not just valued based upon whether they were covered by media, favorably or not. The action has value for those who participated in it, in solidarity with other resistors, for the effect upon material property, whether it can be replicated, toward long term sabotage and resistance, with less visible and more subversive disruptions. Contingents may choose to dissociate from the media, to exclude them from spaces knowing what their coverage comes with- containment and neutralization of our resistance. Others may choose to target the mainstream corporate media, or sabotage their equipment, to keep them from using footage to selectively frame and manipulate conflict. Or from using their footage to aid the police in targeting and repressing resisting communities.

    9. The media carries representational power. It is a medium that dilutes and appropriates our resistance. It tends to censors our ideas or presents them in palatable ways that other people feel safe to review and judge without ever considering their privileges, and the perspective of those mis represented by such media.  To some degree, media will always be representation in some form and cannot be trusted to communicate what it was like to experience a situation, action or event. Reported media and investigative journalism are sorely lacking in areas of resistance in the United States and should be explored more via report backs, first-hand accounts and debriefs. There are some good thought-and-action provoking forums sharing critical content being created by active groups. However, more often than not these ‘alternative’ spaces or pages become overrun by more theatrical spectator-type tactics, like meme generation, that demands less critical thought from our communities and promotes the same type of media-disconnect that mainstream corporate media benefits from. Popular media usage of the resistance and commercialization of radicalism or even the ‘front lines’ is a growing market breaching the mainstream that tends to glamorize and romanticize struggle, with no input by actual participants, usually for-profit of the creative (and uppa) class. What does it mean when the media is used to both criminalize and commercialize our struggle? 

    10. This is why making our own media in different mediums is so important, for resistance. Articulating our own theories, our own struggle, our own perspectives about our resistance without a for-profit narrative. We can shift from a culture of content-sharing, to content-creation, making space and building networks and alternative structures/alliances with other resistance groups/regions to promote and focus on our own stories and narrative. If we engage in their social networks and media sites, it should be to agitate and delegitmize their authority over our resistance. We can share their articles, if we want, without promoting their sites by using blog sites like Tumblr to share content without supporting the source. We should be self critical about how we mediate our own struggles, whose perspective is valued, and very very careful not to participate in criminalizing tactics even if we disagree with them. The state has enough power, it doesn’t need our help in defining resistance as only passive or appealing. We are told it is to dangerous to speak, and these are dangerous times.  Both of these are true. But leaving our resistance in the hands of the media, or even framing our actions according to the dominant media structure, is more dangerous with our silence.